24 option review

24 Option Review

24 Option is not new to the game, it has years of experience in brokering and sponsors European Football teams such as Juventus and advertises on CNN Finance and Bloomberg. However, to traders the only thing of interest would be the benefits which the trading platform comes with, the cash out policies, and the guidelines and constraints forced upon users in order to collect their payouts.

Rodeler Limited, the company that owns 24 Option also owns 24FX, Grand Option and Quick Option. They enforce proper protocols for traders who have complaints which is refreshing to see in the binary options trading industry. However, there is no guarantee of the complaint being entertained by the ombudsman.

Withdrawing money from 24 Option is possible but it is a long process and requires the submission of several documents. The response to a cash out request may not be as quick as one would hope. The managers at 24 Option like to retain their traders and may use incentives such as bonuses to keep them to stay. But this does not mean you will not get paid for what is rightfully yours. Their banking section is connected to the trader’s account through the website. There are a variety of deposit and withdrawal options available, more than what are being offered by others in the industry.

24 Option has invested a lot of time and effort in the educational section of their trading platform. It is designed by professional product managers who have impressively combined all webinars and training schedules. The user interface is flexible and simple enough with the program created to bend according to your needs and skills. The educational section is categorized into sections based on the level of expertise. There is a basic level for beginners, intermediate for novice and the advanced level for experts. The lessons vary from introductory courses on building strategies and using Fractal, Tunnel and Passive trading techniques. The concepts are explained in such a way that anyone can understand them with relative ease.

There is a trading guide for 24 Option available as well which discusses all the issues and regulations at length. It also guides about the trading platform and the features offered such as the short term contracts, High/Low option types, One Touch boundaries and other relevant topics. The trading package comes with free signals which are incorporated into the software effortlessly.

The binary option signals for 24 Option have already become an integral part of the trading industry. Their license permits them to recommend options and the positions which are preferable. 24 Options has seen an increase in search engine traffic because of its massive growth. People from all over the world including Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Russia are being targeted through the advertising strategies. 24 Option has emerged as a market leader for customer acquisition in the binary options trading industry and aims to keep its market share in UK and European markets for many more years to come.